Dermal Fillers for the foot

Dermal fillers in the feet help to eradicate those stubborn lesions that are not relieved by conventional methods.
*Interdigital corns
*Corns to the apices of toes, or over any bony prominence.
*Dermal filler can also be used on the balls of the feet to reduce pain when wearing high heels, or for those of you have reduced fatty padding

We only use the correct filler in all of our procedures, which is why you will never see us advertising this treatment at a ‘discounted low price’. We believe safety of the product which is being injected into your body is key. The filler used is hyaluronic acid which has decades long safety record and is painlessly injected fairly superficially into the skin under local anaesthetic. Hyaluronic acid is already abundant in the body which stimulates the body’s own production of collagen.

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