In growing toe nail non-surgical treatment

In-growing toe nails are painful and surprisingly persistent. A one-off treatment may be all you require to remove the offending nail spike, alongside education of how to manage your nail to prevent the same problem from re-occurring. If further treatment is required but you prefer to follow the conservative approach nail bracing is available. This involves the application of a small brace to the whole nail. It works to bring up the painful edges of the nail to try and produce a straighter nail edge. This is only available to non-infected ingrowing toe-nails. The brace is made from a transparent fibreglass and is tolerated very well. It is particularly useful if you are not suitable for surgery, or you do not want to have the surgical procedure. Follow-up appointment are required every four weeks for a re-application of the brace and will continue until resolution has been achieved.

You may require regular follow up treatments to prevent the need for nail surgery.

Prices start at £47.00 for initial consultation. The application of a nail brace, prices start at £65.00

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