Google… our biggest friend and worst enemy !

Google… it is the answer to all questions, and even has a catch phrase ‘Google it.’

Now, when should we ‘google it’ and when should we seek the advise of the professional.

With regards to health my advise as a professional is to never use the oracle of google. Health is extremely specific to every individual, and although your symptoms may match that of another google warrior- you could have a completely different pathology.

At undergraduate level, we are taught about ‘differential diagnosis’- in very basic terms taught not to jump to conclusions.
The patient may be presenting with symptoms that match one particular condition, but what else could it be? We are taught to rule out all other options with specific examinations and assessments. In an exam setting we are then questioned in detail- why the diagnosis is correct and specifically why the differential diagnosis’ is not.

Google- cannot perform this skill. You will match yourself to the condition you think you have, and then in equal measures panic or ignore a potential serious pathology.

You may spend 6-12 months following advise from the general public situated on google, potential incorrect advise. Your condition could worsen.

At all times, if concerned seek the advise of a health professional. Remember, a Podiatrist has a minimum of 3 years of academic training on the day they are qualified.

If you decide to attend my foot clinic, you will benefit from 10 years post graduate experience.

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