‘The diabetic foot check’

Leading a healthy lifestyle, cooking from scratch whilst participating in a twice daily exercise class has become the new added pressure to the 21st century. Alongside this we are all encouraged to have a full body MOT, twice yearly dental check (don't forget the scale and polish) annual eye check, smear test. The list is endless ! Although all of these checks are for your own good it can feel a little overwhelming particularly if you have recently been diagnosed with Diabetes- and there is now another check to add to the list ! Very few things in life are free, so congratulations ! Today is your day ! Here is some FREE advise about the Diabetic foot check- and why all practitioners involved with Diabetes are crazy about its importance. The foot check- can be completed in under 5 minutes- (with a little experience, and the right equipment). But without doubt, can put you in the right direction to save your limb ! 5 minutes to save you limb... Seems a good deal right? It is non invasive and can categorise your risk of future foot related problems. As a minimum you only need to attend once per year (more often if your risk is a little higher). If you do find yourself in the unfortunate situation and categorised as high risk, this risk can be managed appropriately and in the right setting. So, unfortunately- yes, this is another test, MOT, assessment ! But it could be the single [...]

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